Staff Profiles

Candauce Neal, Chief Financial Officer

ABC Professional Tax & Financial Services, LLC was founded by Candauce L Neal in January 2003 when God gave her a vision to help small businesses recognize and understand their numbers. Coming from the corporate world as a minority female accounting professional with more than 28 years behind her, Candauce wanted to assure small businesses understood the advantages of a business having the proper numbers and the disadvantage of not knowing or understanding those numbers. During her fifteen years in corporate America, she worked with several minority business owners who did not know or understand if their business was making a profit or loss nor what assets or liabilities belong to their business. Both items provide crucial information to any business. One, provides information about a company’s wealth, while the other gives data about the company’s revenue. Candauce realized that many small business were going out of business because they just didn’t know. She felt a strong need to educate the community on knowing their numbers anticipating that equipped with knowledge it would give them the power to make well rounded decisions.

Temika Jones, Operations Manager

I am Temika Jones, the Operations Manager at ABC Professional Tax and Financial Services, LLC. Former healthcare business office professional, I bring the culture of our business to you. I work hand in hand with Candauce, to make sure each and every one of your financial needs are being met. A few of those responsibilities include, but are not limited to: scheduling appointments, bookkeeping, payroll, and daily office management. and most importantly assisting you, the client.